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Get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and step back to the simple way of life. Cruise down Scenic Byway Route 419 and Route 501 to view the beauty that is Amish country.  There are many different sects of Amish, Brethren and Mennonite who make Lebanon County their home. While traditions may vary from sect to sect, all are deeply rooted in their faith, family and farming way of life.

The Amish trace their heritage back hundreds of years, and for all the changes that have occurred over the years, they still farm the land as their forefathers did - with horse power.  The Amish live their faith and believe in the literal interpretation and application of Scripture as the Word of God. They believe worldliness can keep them from being close to God, and can introduce influences that could be destructive to their communities and to their way of life.

Their separation helps to strengthen their community. Amish children attend Amish one-room schoolhouses through the eighth grade. Amish worship services are held every other week in one of the member’s homes. Socializing is an important part of Amish life.

Their simple way of life is evident by the plain clothing styles, which has earned them the name ‚ÄúPlain People‚ÄĚ. It is the simple, peaceful life-style of these plain people that attracts such a curiosity today.


The Amish are well known for their pride in craftsmanship. From beautiful woodworking furniture, to wrought iron work and colorful quilts, the skill and care that goes into each piece is evident as you visit shops throughout the county.

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