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  Palmyra 250th Anniversary
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Middlecreek Wildlife Project  - a mecca for wildlife and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This 6,254 acre facility is home to pheasants and deer, blue-birds and cottontails and many other wild animals. The area is particularly noted for the thousands upon thousands of ducks, geese and swans that drop in during their spring and fall migrations.  Of special interest to visitors is the spring migration of the Canadian snow geese which visit the area by the tens of thousands during the first week of March. There are nine walking trails that vary in length and difficulty. Picnic areas are peppered throughout the area and a driving tour for cars and bikers through the wildlife area is available beginning the first of March.  Maps can be obtained at the Middlecreek Welcome Center.  For information call 717-733-1512
Dutch Country Roads
Call 717-228-4427 for information and Guidebooks.
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